In a divorce, Oregon divides property based on a “just and proper” standard.  That means that all property that is owned by either or both spouses is “marital property.”  Regardless of how property is titled, when it was acquired, or how it was treated during the marriage, that property is within the dispositional authority of the court. How that property is divided, depends in part whether that property is categorized as a “marital asset”, and whether one spouse can rebut the presumption that each spouse contributed equally during the marriage.

However, there are other factors that must be considered including, but not limited to, when the property was acquired, how the property was treated during the marriage, what the source of the property is, and perhaps, whether or not the property was considered a gift.  If you have concerns about property division, and you probably should, you need an experienced knowledgeable attorney who knows the law, and has the experience required to navigate Oregon’s judicial system.

At the law office of Kyle D. Edmonds, we offer our clients the experience and knowledgeable necessary to provide professional legal counsel regarding property division, a clear informed view of their options, and sound advice on how to resolve disputes concerning both the distribution of property.